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Coll 1 2020

For COLL 1 2020, this boldness still resounds deeply as Folawiyo is at the cusp of a new era in design, one which continues to defy and define fashion. With sustainability at the forefront of global fashion, Lisa Folawiyo tackles the idea of excess with the concept that “less is more is less is more”. For the brand, this means that although everything is paired down for wearability, fashion is and still should be an expression of our times, our culture, our freedoms and our fantasies.

As a result, we see the amplified use of colour to exaggerate silhouettes. Revisiting archives: the dancing ladies of Summer 2012 and hearts on hearts in Spring 2016 are re-presented in new and commanding pink, blue and green hues. The timelessness of these prints reinforce the conscious reworking of old to make new. Alongside, layers of traditional batik techniques on familiar African inspired Ankara wax fabrics create a new texture which Folawiyo has coined “Batkara”. The use of eco-nfriendly cotton is a new but essential addition to the Lisa Folawiyo fabric repertoire and is the introduction of a new type of embellishment that embodies an intricate ease to the age old tradition.

Dresses over boubous, skirts over skirts, power suits and tanks that uncover a sudden surprise, all layered to be peeled back and worn again or left just as they are – this is the new way to dress. This collection represents most importantly what women want to wear; and the more you wear, the less you discard.

Lightweight Jacket


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