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Kéére O! - An Otherworldly Fashion Film by Daniel Obasi for Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo’s grand entrance into this fashion season is accompanied by a cinematic indelibility, directed by award-winning stylist, photographer and director - the sublime Daniel Obasi. The three-minute film is an intensely symbolic portrayal of fashion and creative expression as essential tools to non-verbal communication.

Daniel places the clothes as the focal points in the frames of the film, where the clothes evoke power and speak for themselves. The vast space in which the film is set, plumes of fog create a slightly menacing feel. The beauty and hair techniques employed in the film are inspired by traditional hairstyles across Nigeria. This is only fitting for a collection that pays homage to indigenous forms of communication - made up of prints inspired by the ‘gong’ carried traditionally by the town crier, and Igbo and Hausa proverbs.

The film is underpinned by striking compositions, dark glossy hues and sensual movement. This, combined with the alluring soundtrack composed by Obasi himself, create a darker, slightly haunting feel to the otherwise bright, vibrant aesthetic that we have come to know from Lisa Folawiyo. This technique successfully communicates what this collection represents - the unifying chaos we experienced in the past year, and in Folawiyo’s words: “polarizing ideas that meet and merge”.

This cutting-edge moment is an emboldened awakened statement for Folawiyo and Obasi after a long search for the raison d’être of fashion. It’s the exact celebration of femininity and imagination that we need as we near the close of 2021.

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