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COLL 1 2022

After a year in confinement defined by understated, practical clothing, Lisa Folawiyo reemerges with a collection aestheticised with colour, character, print and immaculate tailoring. As we continue to produce more consciously, Folawiyo masterfully designs pieces that you do not wear once and discard, but pieces that you treasure as you do art, pieces that evolve with you as you grow and transcend the ephemerality of fashion’s cycles.

Folawiyo has notably employed the art of contrasts in the past, and this collection is no exception. From the opposing color schemes, to the juxtaposed textures, and styles, Folawiyo takes unlikely, complex pairings and wraps them up in delectable silhouettes. According to Folawiyo, this collection represents the unifying chaos we experienced in the past year, in her own words this collection presents: “polarizing ideas that meet and merge”.

With prints inspired by the gong man, (or town-crier) and Igbo and Hausa proverbs, Folawiyo pays homage to indigenous forms of communication. With these prints, she simultaneously highlights fashion and creative expression as essential tools to nonverbal communication, especially after seasons defined by limited physical interaction.

From classic suits, to slinky mini dresses, high neck tops to the ‘barely there’ mesh tops, Folawiyo celebrates all facets of femininity - those delicate and uncompromising. It is a collection that every kind of woman can find themselves in, and one that they’ll never forget.

Lightweight Jacket


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