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Coll 1 2021

COLL 1 2021 presents an organic update from ‘LF Essentials’, as we remain mindful of our changing needs in a post-pandemic. Like LF essentials, our latest collection continues to reconcile comfort with elegance and intricate detailing. In this collection, we discover pieces yet to make an appearance, along side more familiar styles and fabrics.

At the very heart of the collection is the ability to celebrate our culture, our history, our tradition, our evolution from tradition to modernity. We see garments that are made with locally sourced Ankara fabrics and Akwete in unexpected styles and combinations. Urban pantsuits, architectural dresses, garments that gleam with hand-embellished detail by our expert artisans.

Inspired by earlier collections, and revisiting archives, this collection produces conscious, special garments that encapsulate the dreams and ideals most dear to the brand.

Lightweight Jacket


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