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LF Essentials

The “LF Essentials” opens up a new, yet familiar story of magic and imagination. Every design and every piece is created as an unicum, telling the story of a place, a moment, a season.

This season, influenced by questions of the fashion industry’s ethics, and survival in a post-pandemic, we use locally sourced fabrics and conscious methods of production to create exclusive pieces vital to every woman’s wardrobe. From power suits to pyjama sets, cocktail dresses and co-ords, we embark on a journey to where we first started.

With all our trademarks present: the use of predominantly Ankara and Adire fabrics, amplified colours, contrasting prints, and ornate embellishments, wrapped up in modern silhouettes. The mystique of LF, is that ability to bring together a complex array of curated details, and create classic and timeless pieces.

Lightweight Jacket


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