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March 2, 2024

COLL 1 2024

She brings forth fruit in season.

Heavily inspired by the multifariousness of the woman being, Collection 1 2024 is another of Lisa’s unending ode to all women.

Set off by the dominant ‘fruit print’ and fully expressed through the distinct elements of colour, texture, detailed tailoring and signature embellishment and detailing, this collection walks through the varying elements she possesses as we peel through the layers of her being. From her sweetness, her gentility, her fiery, her fierce, her strength, her sexy, her time to recoil and her time to be seen, to reveal and to conceal, her passion, her optimism, her despondency, her control and her yielding…..amongst others.

Lisa continues to shy away from trends and remains focused solely on creating and curating pieces that transcend times, seasons and space.